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Please Help me help him).
For more reluctant eaters you have to move more slowly: Incrementally expose your child to small textural changes. .
EU Data Subject Requests.Kids, even young ones, need to be in the know.For some kids this is quite easy: Crunchy cereal at breakfast? .Consider crunchy crackers at lunch. .Serve gooey PB J at lunch. .Others go crazy for the crunchy (crackers, toast, nuggets). .Once you get it into your head that your child doesnt like, or wont eat, certain kinds of food, its incredibly difficult to feed them to herIts mean to make my kid eat food she doesnt like.Research shows that young kids dont have stable food preferences, and that you have only a 50/50 shot at predicting what theyll eat.1) Rule out a physical or developmental problem.But dont cater to her demands. . Its enough to make you nuts.Hey McDonalds, How About Them Apples?My most recent Huffington Post piece!Looking for a rational reason to explain your toddlers food preference is a waste of time.He is receiving ot and speech therapy but nothing seems to help.Then be content even when he eats less than you would want. .Parents look for rational reasons to explain their childrens eating patterns.Good luck and let me know how it goes!Changing the conversation from nutrition to habits.

Often times I find myself crying because he just doesn't eat.
Read about the process of slowly changing texture of food.