Naruto shippuden 394 indonesia episodes

naruto shippuden 394 indonesia episodes

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version The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy - Part 1 Daibken!Kage refusing to cheat have their villages take part.Taijutsu Tsukai to xbox shite.She then removes the poison from her allies and thanks them for letting her join trekmap their team.Somewhere in the oasis of the Demon Desert, Ameno extracts poison out of a wounded genin from another Sunagakure team while Shishio is searching for nearby multiplayer shinobi.(!) Prośba Naruto Naruto's Plea Naruto no Tangan Trudna decyzja Painful Decision Kuj no Ketsudan Wyścig Błyskawic Racing Lightning Hashiru Ikazuchi Droga ninja Sasuke Sasuke's Ninja Way Sasuke no Nind Siła Pięciu Kage Power of the Five Kage Gokage no Chikara Deklaracja wojny Declaration.Poszukiwanie Dziedzictwa episodes total Czwartego - część 1 Big Adventure!(!) Nieznana historia najlepszego duetu!In spite of that, Team Kurenai crack fight on with sheer willpower alone, manager much to Burami's dismay.Ordering them not to tell anyone else about this, Gaara begins to spy on Team F, only for F to notice his sand eye narrow forcing him to cancel the technique.After this, Team Shira rendezvous with two of the Suna teams, and instructs software them to retrieve a scroll from the other teams.Mamushi and Sana manage to avoid the attack, but Saya takes the full blow, what was later revealed to be a Body Replacement Technique. . Limit Trybu Mędrca Osiągnięty Danger!
Meanwhile, at Orochimaru 's hideout, Sasuke, having an ulterior xbox motive to test Suigetsu and Karin 's abilities, releases Suigetsu from his containment and joins Karin to bring him back.

After the medical-nin from both teams healed one naruto shippuden 394 indonesia episodes another's teammates, they part ways, promising each other to meet in the third phase.
Lee and Shira's new-found respect for one another.
(!) Ściśle tajna misja The Top-Secret Mission Begins!