Nuances in todays conversation, things left unsaid, or said in the wrong way, could have expensive consequences.
Writers, as it turned out, rather liked having residences.
It was like a magic iso crack serial number puzzle in a video game: he had to figure out what was really bothering him.Those north-seeking Forthrasts must have thought better of axis and allies 1942 instruction manual it when they had ascended to this latitude and felt the cold air groping down the necks of their coats and frisking them, and so here theyd stopped and put down roots, not in the way that.For this was not just a friendly meeting.None had; but one of them had walked over to investigate an arrow that was lying on the ground.Richard zoomed closer and moused over.There was no bravery involved, if thats what youre thinking.Richard had read in an article somewhere that even kids who came from really fucked-up backgrounds actually turned out pretty good if some older person took them under their wing at just the right point in their early adolescence, and he reckoned that Zula must.Only the Furious Muses were holding him at bay.In a way he couldnt quite put his finger on, these had an altogether different look and feel from the ones who swarmed around Len.Others had been constructed by player-characters during the Prelude, a period of speeded-up time that had occupied the first calendar year of TRains existence, and still others were being constructed now, though much more slowly since the game world had slowed down into Real Time.Much less stressful, for a man of his temperament, was to FedEx the C-notes, as was his practice in years when he did not attend the re-u.On his way out of town, deeply preoccupied with the fact that the ersatz quasi-Elven race known as the KShetriae were now embedded (though sans the controversial apostrophe) in the memory chips of real-world GPS systems, he almost plowed into the back of what passed.But having grown up here, and gone on many a pirate quest and Indian ambush down along the crick, Richard sensed a gradient in the territory, was convinced that they were on the threshold between the Midwest and the West, as though on one side.THE mountains IN that corner.C.Working at Corporation 9592, however, had brought him into contact with a sufficient number of nerds with advanced degrees that he now understood that phase transition was an enormously portentive phrase that those guys only threw around when they wanted the other nerds to sit.Claim hed bagged it himself while his chickenshit guide climbed a tree.A whole set of conventions and rules had grown up around HZs.Any character could have between zero and twelve vassals, and either zero or one lord.He was the compiler of those family trees that the moms unfurled in the SUVs.Yet he was having a hard time putting his finger on why it was important.
The girl in the passenger seat said she had never before been in a car like this, meaning, apparently, a sedan.
We were up there sitting around Moms bed in midafternoon singing hymns, and we heard the thunder rolling across the prairie like billiard balls.

He guessed that many of his emotions were not really fit to be shared with anyone, much less someone, such as a girlfriend, he was supposed to be nice to, and associated emotional availability with unguarded moments such as the one that had led.