Dynamic buffers support, value of Alpha support, aC voltammetry support.
Direct import of gpes and earthdawn player's guide, 3rd edition carsten damm, james flowers.pdf FRA data.Estimated duration for all measurement commands.A new Demo Database file that demonstrates the "Chrono charge discharge galvanostatic" procedure was added.Complete redesign for all support Metrohm Liquid Handling devices.Import.ecc equivalent circuit from old FRA software.New version of the nova only driver.Warning provided on Windows XP computers.Support for the PSA and Constant Current PSA measurement techniques.Kouteck-Levich analysis now available, rating and tagging of data and procedures.Nova.10.4 (released May 5th, 2014).Nova.0.2 (released July 6th, 2016 Schedules managed through Library, new plot color picker.New plot options, nOVA.0 (released October 7th, 2015 Support windows xp embedded sp3 iso for the new ECI10M module.Custom names for all commands, repeat number included in Repeat command.New format mixed in key 5.5 full version for Message box and Input box commands.Improvements to the Metrohm Liquid Handling support.Possibility to import a table in the Repeat for multiple values command.Automatic repair of pX1000 checksum error.Single instance of Cutoff option.Release information (major release Application-wide search function, check cell tool, cell off control in i-interrupt tool.Default procedure for spectroelectrochemistry, step through data option added to the spectrophotometer manual control.New controls for the Plots frame.

Control of the light source shutter in the Spectrophotometer manual control screen.
A Demo Database file for spectroelectrochemical LSV has been added.