nwn 1.66 to 1.67 patch

Items Edit Added robes support Added Cursed /Undroppable property to the warriors psp iso torrent Items.
Fixed a bug with mcpe patcher no jailbreak ios some crafting cost calculations.
Fixed how Damage Resistance works against weapons that do more real war rogue patch than one type of damage (i.e.
To activate it, go to i and in the Game Options section add in "Enable SubNet Profiling1".It now reads "Insert Token".Items can no longer be sold if they can't be unequipped.Fixed issue with non-human cloaks not displaying properly on NPCs in the toolset.Fixed the issue with plot items being dragged directly into an inventory bag.TestNewModule "module name that needs"s if it contains spaces" Added 3 portraits and 3 music themes from the BioWare Premium Modules Kingmaker, ShadowGuard, and Witch's Wake 1 to game resources.Fixed a crash when trying to pick up item in null area Made some fixes to prevent game/character hacking.This could lead to a number of different symptoms such as: DMs getting stuck inside creatures and not being able to unpossess them; DMs not being able to possess creatures that they should be able to possess; creatures disappearing entirely from the saved game;.In Creature Properties dialog, entering a special ability caster level 15 will clamp the value to 15 instead of restoring the previous value.This also fixes a Scribe Scroll bug, where if you created a new scroll and you had an existing scroll in your inventory, it would state that you failed, but the scroll would be created anyways.Fixed up some SoU.This overrides min/max pitch and distance to allow distances from 1 - 25, and pitch from 1 -.Nss) - Fixed Gust of Wind to only disperse cloudlike area of effect spells (x0_s0_gustwind.It now displays the correct value absorbed for Barbarians/Monks.Balagarn's Iron Horn now requires a somatic component, as per the spell description (spells.2da).Updated the DefaultIcon column of the BaseItems.2da to have new entries.Fixed issue with a champion of Torm not being able to take ambidexterity and two weapon fighting as bonus feats (CLS_feat_divcha.2da).Made a fix to tangle traps, so that they use the correct saving throw type.
Nss Fixed a Copy area/script/dialog issue that was making it look like the toolset was loosing data and could sometimes lead to a crash.
Void ExportSingleCharacter(object oPlayer void SetSubRace(object oCreature, string sSubRace void SetDeity(object oCreature, string sDeity int GetIsDMPossessed(object oCreature int GetWeather(object oArea int GetIsAreaNatural(object oArea int GetIsAreaAboveGround(object oArea Added gender option to GetStringByStrRef Added support for triggers in GetLockKeyTag script command Objects should not default to private conversations.