Very comprehensive theoretical treatment.
Some nice details about tube-based voltage regulator circuits, and sections on electronic computing circuits, relaxation oscillators and sweep circuits you won't find in the other texts.
A good description of how a 'scope works and how to use. .A very practical book, it includes schematics of many pieces of professional audio of the 1950's. .I've found that most of the technical books published before about 1964 never had their copyrights renewed, so now are in the public domain. .Strangely enough, volume I covers more practical aspects, and volume II is mostly physics.Volume 2 continues with amplification, covering the basics of amplifier design. .this is NOT a college text; rather this is written more at the level of an advanced technician, with not so much math and lots of diagrams that make visualizing what's going on easy. .Perhaps a little more practical than many., Download full text, 32MB PDF file john grisham ebook ita pdf Electronic Circuits,.Download full text, 35MB PDF file Seachable djvu file (7.3MB) - Thanks to Phil Hobbs!Download full text with index, 16MB PDF file The Story of Stereo, John Sunier, 1960, 161 pages - Courtesy of John Atwood A 1990 honda prelude repair manual history of the development of stereophonic sound. .Remove three (yellow) screws securing the keyboard.Bruining, 1954, 178 pages - Thanks to Justin Carmichael A very detailed look at secondary electron emission in vacuum tubes.In the following guide I explain how to remove and replace damaged LCD screen on HP G50/G60/G70 notebooks.Light on theory with lots of diagrams, covers electrical wiring, AC and DC motors and generators, refrigeration, automotive electricity, and radio troubleshooting and repair. .Now manual para pintar un auto con poliuretano you can separate the LCD screen from the display cover and access the video cable.By the way, in the next post I show how to remove the motherboard.Seventeen amplifier designs ranging from 3 to 1,100 watts are presented, along with tube data and design considerations.Download full text,.3MB PDF file Grondslagen van de Radiobuizentechniek, Philips' Gloeilampenfabrieken te Einhioven, 1943, 505 pages - Courtesy of John Atwood Wow.A continuation of above, a collection of technical papers from RCA, covering the period from 19Download full text, 71MB PDF file Seachable djvu file (7.3MB) - Thanks to Phil Hobbs!This college-level electronics text is "designed for the student with only a limited background in physics and mathematics". .
Nice reference and educational for those building point-to-point. .
Download full text, 23MB PDF file Radio Receiving and Television Tubes, James Moyer, 1936, 645 pages - Courtesy of Walter Welch, AI4SP!