Portrait : This mode optimizes ipad model a1395 user manual the camera for capturing portraits.
Pros Excellent image quality, fast, very tweakable, good noise management, compact, easy to use, Live View LCD, excellent Dust Reduction system, full manual controls, and dual memory card slots Cons Default images are a crack quicktime 6 pro bit soft, theres slight tendency toward underexposure, and no ability.Landscape : This mode is for capturing wide views of scenery, with mostly the background in focus, and enhances any blue or green colors in the image, for more vibrant trees, water, and skies.Portrait Mode : This mode optimizes the camera for capturing portraits.Flash 11, exposure Mode 6, white Balance 12, image Stabilization, record Mode Display, in record mode, the LCD monitor displays a Control Panel that you can navigate around in and make changes to a handful of menu options (ISO, White Balance, etc.).(view large image the E-510s.5 inch (230,000 pixel) LCD screen is bright, fairly sharp, and, unlike the vast majority of dSLRs can be used as a viewfinder to frame and compose images, just like with fixed lens P S digicam LCD screens.At the right of the screen, the E-510 keeps you posted about its settings and status, including Aperture, Shutter Speed, Focus Confirmation, Flash Status, Exposure Compensation, Metering Mode, Battery Status, Exposure Mode and Image Stabilization.Slight underexposure produces more intense colors and harder contrast, and better preserves highlight detail. .Sports Mode : This mode biases the camera's exposure system toward faster shutter speeds to freeze action and moving real army games play subjects.Playback Menu Options Top-Level Selection Second-Level Third-Level Notes Slide Show - 1 image - 4 index - 9 index - 16 index - 25 index Automatically plays back single frames, or index displays of the images on the memory card Auto Rotate -.1, aF Frame.More troubling is the inability to use pre-focus in Live View mode. .Nuts bolts, optical Viewfinder/LCD Screen, the E-510 features a bright TTL (through the lens) pentamirror optical viewfinder that shows 95 percent of the image frame (magnification rate.92X). .The E-510 is Olympus flagship digital SLR and at this point in time it may be the ultimate bridge camera an imaging device that almost perfectly spans the gap between P S (point shoot) prosumer digicams like the.Nature Macro : In addition to optimizing the camera for smaller subjects, this mode boosts color for brighter flora and fauna close-up.Construction is robust (polycarbonate body shell over a metal alloy frame) and all controls are logically placed and easily accessed plus the E-510 provides direct access to white balance, AF mode, ISO/sensitivity, exposure compensation, and metering options. .This is a great shortcut once you get used.On the whole, the E-510 is a fairly intuitive camera, just plan to spend an hour or two getting to know it (and keep the manual close at hand!).