Owner's manual vx-5000 steam cleaner

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Note: In the event that an extension cord is used with this System, it must be a minimum of 14 gauge, 3 wire, grounded, SJ quality, 60 degree.
The VX 5000 comes with: - removable hose (commercial hose) - pressure gauge - water valve (easily switch between hot steam and cleaner hot water) cleaner - two nozzles (one with one hole and one with three) - 3" round and a 3" triangle brush for corners.Popular lists, most popular steam cleaners, vapor Systems steam cleaners.Extensions may be used in any combination.During operation, the steam ready alfa light (page 6 (6) ) will go on and off as the unit realistic requires more heat to alfa maintain pressure.The Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner uses the power of vapor heat to steam clean, and does not require the use of any chemicals or other additives.They connect manual in the same way as the brush attachment.Por the liquid into to the water reservoir, turn the unit on and let the pump, pumping the solution into the boiler.Your assessment is very important for improving cleaner the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project Related manuals Do you need a help?Otherwise you could burn your hands.86 / 100, details.This unit is designed for use with a normal 110/120 volt redhat circuit, and has a grounded plug thats looks like the plug illustrated in sketch.Accessories 6 indicators AND control.Simply flip the switch for a continuous blast of steam, no more holding down triggers!Let it sit for a few minutes, then remove the drain plug from the bottom of the unit to allow it do drain completely.Only use original manufacturer attachments. Hold the nozzle over the sink and push the steam release trigger for a few seconds,to allow any air that may be in the tank or hose to escape.
Make sure the attachment is pushed all the way on, and the button snaps through the hole.
Try another outlet, then check the breaker box.

Close attention is necessary when the system is being used around children.
To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cord.