Panasonic sa ht700 manual

Have input set on radio.
Older unit, only has RCA connectors.Can I test amp?After I spent at least a half an hour clipping, measuring, and fitting pieces of twisty tie (just the metal wire) into the ribbon cable, I powered it up and it talks to manual me (says hello, goodbye, and wait) but the fan doesn't turn.Panasonic home theater SA-HT730 Only speaker producing a muffled sound is the woofer!(follow the relay traces it will be hard to miss).So I just desoldered the collector of that zune one so that it will not interfere with the one that engages the relay.It will be one of the two little ones on the standby season board (Q519 or Q515) I believe it is Q519, that one has its collector to Q515's base and is always on thus pulling the base low, not letting it turn patch on and engage.Details, i have recently acquired a Panasonic season SA-HT700 "DVD home theater sound system" from my aunt.Photos 1 / 10 PSU standby trigger board.Update 2016 due to a few comments on the video and here I decided to give another update, first is that I actually soldered some pokemon RCA inputs together, I used some colored solid core wire to make it half color coded, also made sure.One more note (as mentioned on the comments) is that it has some line that is basically for tamper protection, that travels from the standby board all perseus the way to the front display panel, it will not let the amp turn on.Power lights are lite.Model name, category, description or manufacturer contain: Panasonic - DVD Home lumia Theater Sound System.Paid for Panasonic tech, no help!Operating Instructions, download, sA-HT700 pdf user manual, ghost related hindi tags: manual users, user manuals, user guide manual, owners manual, instruction manual, manual owner, manual owner's, manual guide, manual operation, operating manual, user's manual, operating instructions, episode manual operators, manual operator, manual product, documentation manual, user maintenance, brochure.Not connected to hdtv or cable box.Update update since then is the video which i had disbanded the whole main pokemon processor and just hotwired the amp to take raw audio from. I cannot get it to turn on -the first reason is that the main board is not getting the standby power from the subamppsu, I have already checked the continuity of the cable, and I have confirmed its 6V is alive really about.4.
I also put my own separate supply into the main board that is the same voltage (fig2 standby led lights (fig3 IR in works, power button does subtitle also but with no response manual studio from anything (I found 2 wires to the psu 1 that is pulled.
DVD Home Theater Sound System.