Added another PGN Import criteria for opening books - Knight Moves.
Fixed a rare bug in which you couldn't solve a "Pin the Piece" drill because you couldn't move the right piece as that move would leave your king in check.
TXT file that was initially copied to your hard drive when you installed Chessmaster 9000.This bug could permenantly corrupt a user's rating.Fixed a bug that highlighted the e6 square when the answer from an en-passant quiz was displayed, instead of removing the captured pawn.What Problems Still Exist?The patch updates the game to version Chessmaster 9000.1.02, which is equivalent to the introduction of the program more than 20 bug fixes.The menu item in the "Preferences" menu is now called "Engine".It still contains the setting where you can change the Blunder Alert Threshold and the Transposition Table Size for the Mentor engine instance.Fixed a bug in Blunder Alert in which pressing the "I Take it Back" button would sometimes take back the move in the move list but not actually move the piece on the board back to its original position.This is useful for users who have video cards or drivers that claim to be DirectX.1 compatible, but are not.Wymagania wiekowe Chessmaster 7000 odpowiednia dla każdego wieku, pC Windows, rekomendowane: Pentium 166MHz, 16MB RAM.List of changes not available, patch.1.2, download Macintosh universal binary do electric cars have manual transmissions patch.1.2 (20MB).Tryb multiplayer: Internet / sieć lokalna, liczba graczy: 1 - 2, nośnik: 2 CD, cena gry w dniu premiery: 159 PLN.