pc cheats for driver 3

Go to the fifth street and turn left.
Begin at Tanner's house and look at the map.
Rating: (by 37 north carolina manual of personal injury medicine members) Rate this: .543.532.521.51.On the left wall of this small room is a door.Go to the closest bridge by the open sea on the Seraglio Point side.Go inside the castle courtyard and look around.Take four left turns, then past three right turns.Please check transmission fluid for manual honda back at a later date for more cheats and codes to be added.Use the second starting point from the left side of the map.Go up the steps of the lookout building and open the door to findhim.Starting with a boat in the western-most starting point, go straight up the river.Go to the airport and ascend the air controller tower.Contributed By: Snaffle.All pedestrians have weapons in this mode.Miami: Bridge control, you can raise and lower the drawbridge.Proceed to the right side of the room, past some beaded curtains.Go to the alley in the eastern direction to where it comes to a "T".Follow them up to the top floor (four flights).Start at the right side of the bottom bridge near the word "Istanbul" on the map.The trains are slow.Alternately, exit the game and restart the Take A Ride mode.
You will find a "hippie" van inside.

Originally posted by ReverendTed: In driv3R for the PC, there is a menu labeled "Cheats" under "Options but it is greyed out.