Fraps.8.1 the best screenshot/video-capture program for 3D applications.
PES6 Multimanager.1.1 anothertool which allows you to manage many PES installations on one.
Thanks to Whan kristian826 from Pes Serbia for Collecting all of this tools.
It is a loader and manager for various modules.L Graphics Editors: magic media player windows 7 32 bit -OEdit Faceedit Tool logo quiz game to for -WE10 KitTool -Game Graphic Studi i -WEPictureDecoder.95.exe Kitserver: -GBD Manager.2 -Kitserver.6.4 -PES 5 to PES 6 Stadium Conventer -PlayersID -Pro Evolution Tool.0 Optionfile Tools: -EPT PES6 Of Manager -PES Save Converter.0 -pesfan Editor.0.6.Included programs: Files Import Tools: -Dkz Studio -AFS to DKZ -afsexplorer.7, l Graphics Editors: -OEdit Faceedit Tool -WE10 KitTool -Game Graphic Studi i -WEPictureDecoder.95.exe, kitserver: -GBD Manager.2 -Kitserver.6.4 -PES 5 to PES 6 Stadium Conventer -PlayersID -Pro Evolution Tool.0, optionfile.Kserv Module.3.1, Ballserver.2.2, LOD Mixer.2.1, Stadium Server.2.1, Faceserver.3.0.WEPictureDecoder.95 graphic editor (can import, export graphics from bin files).PES 6 Big Pack Editing Tools.Stadium Importer Exporter - hoe games ps3 full version Stadium Importer Exporter, 09:49 #2, pES 6 BIG tools pack, included programs: Files Import Tools: -Dkz Studio -AFS to DKZ -afsexplorer.7.Other Tools: -FM to PES Stat Conventer.2 -PES6 Multimanager.1.1 -PES6 T S Exe Editor.0 -Selector.2 -3dAnalyzer.36.exe -Adx Converter.19.10.exe -Afs Backuper.0.exe -WE10 Set Default Color.2.0.exe -NoMad DBEditor.6 -ZlibTool, pES Stadium Importer Tools: -BINs -crwdtoBIN3rd -FEM -OIF2BIN -stadUnpacker.GDB Manager.2 is a GUI front-end for KitServer 6 GDB.VnDOPffLIZtQ : -Dkz Studio -AFS to DKZ -afsexplorer.7.Pro Evolution Tool.0 (ger) - awesome tool to organize and covert the kitserver stadiums.Kitserver.3.1 - Kitserver 6 is an add-on program for Pro Evolution Soccer.Collection Tools to edit your Pro Evolution Soccer.VjJZc1ltLxdU Simple File Sharing and Storage.Afs Backuper.0 - backup x_s files.OEdit Faceedit Tool pes faces editor (face model etc).PES Save Converter.0 ps2/pc pes 6 save converter.Pes 6, pes 6 all Programs, pES6 Programs for Edit Big tools pack.
3dAnalyzer.36 tool for people with GF Mx 3D cards (no.1 support).