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Operation:Flashpoint, arma 2, VBS2 SQF Format used for general editing SQM Format used for mission files PBO Binarized file used for compiled models LIP Format that is created from WAV files to create in-game accurate lip-synch for character animations.
SV Save Game ITM Item File Real Virtuality Engine Formats used by Bohemia Interactive.
Many operating systems do not limit filenames to one extension shorter than 4 characters, as was common with some operating systems that supported the.
PC dbpf The Sims 2, dbpf, Package diva Project diva timings, element coördinates, MP3 references, notes, animation poses and scores.Source Engine - Formats used by Valve Software.Org XML (obsolete) Drawing V2D voucher design used by the voucher management included in JFire vdoc Vector format used in AnyCut, CutStorm, DrawCut, DragonCut, Futuredraw, MasterCut, SignMaster, VinylMaster software by Future Corporation VSD Vector format used by Microsoft Visio vsdx Vector format used.Also used for vrml models on the web.VTF Valve Texture Format XBM X Window System Bitmap XCF gimp image (from Gimp's origin at the eXperimental Computing Facility of the University of California ) XPM X Window System Pixmap ZIF Zoomable/Zoomify Image Format (a web-friendly, tiff-based, zoomable image format) Vector graphics edit Vector.Ncbi uses ASN.1 for the storage and retrieval of data such as nucleotide and protein sequences, structures, genomes, and PubMed records.BRD Board file for eagle Layout Editor, a commercial PCB design tool bsdl Description language for testing through jtag CDL Transistor -level netlist format for IC design CPF Power-domain specification in system-on-a-chip (SoC) implementation (see also UPF ) DEF Gate -level layout dspf Detailed Standard.ART America Online proprietary format BLP Blizzard Entertainment proprietary texture format BMP Microsoft Windows Bitmap formatted image BTI Nintendo proprietary texture format CD5 Chasys Draw IES image CIT Intergraph is a monochrome bitmap format CPT Corel photo-paint image CR2 Canon camera raw format; 1990 honda prelude repair manual photos have.Desktop publishing edit Document edit These files store formatted text and plain text.DN Adobe Dimension CC file format DPE Package of AVE documents made with Aquafadas digital publishing tools.egg Alzip Egg Edition compressed file EGT (.egt) EGT Universal Document also used to create compressed cabinet files replaces.ecab ecab (.ecab,.ezip) EGT Compressed Folder used in advanced systems.Is version number (previously abbreviated Personal Home Page, later changed to PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor ) RNA permanent dead link (.rna) Real Native Application File R permanent dead link (.r) Real Native Application File (short alternative) RNX permanent dead link (.rnx) Real Native Application File (using.NRG The proprietary optical media archive format used by Nero applications.Links and shortcuts edit Mathematical edit Object code, executable files, shared and dynamically linked libraries edit.8BF files plugins for some photo editing programs including Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop olympus evolt e-510 user manual Pro, gimp and Helicon Filter.a Objective C native static library.out (no suffix for executable image,.o for.Computer-aided design (CAD) edit Computer-aided design (CAD) software assists engineers, architects and other design professionals in project design.Government standard commonly used in Intelligence systems OTB Over The Air bitmap, a specification designed by Nokia for black and white images for mobile phones PBM Portable bitmap PC1 Low resolution, compressed Degas picture file PC2 Medium resolution, compressed Degas picture file PC3 High resolution.They are files.dat not specific file type, often generic extension for "data" files for a variety of applications sometimes used for general data contained within the.PK3/PK4 files.fontdat.dat file used for formatting game fonts.roq Video format.sav Savegame format Unreal Engine Formats used by games.Binary files edit Bak file (.bak,.bk) various backup formats: some just copies of data files, some in application-specific data backup formats, some formats for general file backup programs BIN binary data, often memory dumps of executable code or data to be re-used by the same.ROM, disk or tape images usually do not consist of one file or ROM, rather an entire file or ROM structure contained within one file on the backup medium.GBP - 2 2 types of files:.

Retrieved jeff specification with notes on the ISO comments / internationaonsortium specification jeff File Format.
ICO a format used for icons in Microsoft Windows.