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Kelsey owns two retro gaming stores in the Seattle area and deals with fake and reproduction Nintendo games all the time.These are only some tips.This is a quick and easy guide for those.In this video she gives you some.How to Spot fake Nintendo Games - Buyer beware!Check out the Pokemon Rom Hack that I made years ago!07:35 21:07 19:41 10:41 0:51 10:27 19:14 16:52 07:17 07:01 11:10 20:32 07:47 3:08 21:21 4:18 1:22:39 9:17 11:06 13:16 11:44 10:06, copyright THvid.Watch the improved version here: / Spelling errors, incorrect label art, data errors, wrong transparency, incorrect circuit board text, lack of indented number, wrong model number, wrong product code, incorrect logo design, wrong cartridge color, incorrect licensing references, stewie i love crack ringtone midnight club 3 for pc full game for cheap labels, trouble migrating to DS, file.This video caused controversy when I said "Pokemon" wrong.Specific spelling errors to look out for: licfnsed, Nintondo, Ninlendo (got another?How To Spot fake Pokemon GBC games and Cards.