This release don't need the pec-GPU-plugin for PSEmu, ePSXe and PSX.
Don't expect that pec.2 is as fast as pec.4 or has anime air sub indo episode 135 as much features.4.
Pec The Plugin SaveState Pictures in ePSXe.Download pec here (1,27 MB this file include : pec The Plugin - PSEmu Pro GPU Plugin.5 (.And it's impossible for me to test each code, because I don't have every game (i have less than 5 of the games in the database) and even if i would have all the games it would need months to test each code.Pecchu - founded addresses can be directly activated as cheats this make the modification permanently activated.This release has many new features, that's why I decided to call it v2, instead.5.If there should be any updates in the future, they will be released here!SI TE gusto este articulo, dale acias!Sign, and you can assign the modifier value.So, if you have a game and codes which doesn't work this could be your problem.pec The Plugin - Interface.4 released.) Ok, that's all for now.And Virtual Game Station support.But these are a reason why i use Windows 2k, and normally I don't get a chance to test the code in older Windows versions.(Dynamic) (Re)compilation in pec Now a few good news about DynaRec.He used Driver 2 Spanish Version (PAL) to do this tutorial, but this system should work in other games too.For a short instruction on how to use pecchu, check this.The most important features are the recompilation of the codes, which speed up the execution extremly, the new hot-key functions, the state-pics and last but not least pecchu - The Cheat Hacking Unit, which allow you to search for own codes.July 2001 Ok, it's time for a new version.
Ok, that all for now, have fun.