You know it's going to get 'rough handling dropped, kicked, ran over, shot at, and probably involved in a F5 tornado somewhere along the way, SO pack IT that WAY!
See their web site for more details.
They are a McIntosh warranty station for repairs and restoration.
Florida, Naples ABC Electronics, Jeff Phone: Specializing in repair of vintage electronics and stereo gear such as Reel to Reels, Turntables, Cassette Decks, games hunting unlimited 2010 8-Tracks, Amps, Receivers, Tuner Alignments, Tube gear, Guitar amps, Pro audio, Tube radio restoration, VCRs, DVC Players, TVs, Short Wave, CB Ham.They also service small and major appliances (white goods) such as washers, dryers, stoves, ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, mixers, microwaves, bread machines, etc.Modern A/V / flat panel / lcd / led TV repair in maryland /.; Maryland, Oddington "Oddington TV Radio" 1652 Annapolis., Oddington,.(In the North Circle Plaza) Colorado Springs, CO 80909 Office: Ross and his crew have been repairing electronics for over 30 years.They may even have 'pickup' available for larger units.Can also re-bias your amp for any tube changes as well.Or, you can send a check to the address on the contact page if you're not in a hurry.Virginia, Springfield 'Music Technologies' Inc.You would need to contact them directly with your needs.Some may have the ability to accept shipped units.Scott, Fisher, Gradient, Linn, Jadis, Pass Labs, MFA, Jeff Rowland and many more [email protected] m Phone: Virginia, Edmonton Alberta ' Afternote Music ' m Phone: Keyboard / Synthesizer / Guitar Amp / PA Repair on vintage gear / equipment in Wisconsin; Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 'Emergency TV Repair' m North Location: 8409.
See their website for details and further contact info.
It can 'glaze over' (think the pencil eraser you put in a drawer, then a year or two later, it's all 'slick' and simply glides across the paper without erasing anything it can harden (and in the case of a belt may permanently take.

They service professional, commercial, and consumer audio and video products. .