repairing a golf manual transmission fluid

I have found MTL to effectively soothe the 2002 gsxr 1000 repair manual cranky synchronizers in the 1991 Jeep and both my 19ew Beetles.
10418 Application : With automatic transmission Transmission model 09G Note : 09G transmissionLucas Semi-Synthetic Multi Vehicle ATF Transmission model 01M Note : 01M transmissionTotal refill -.6 and convert kindle books to pdf quarts.
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Check out the video below to see more details: Conclusion, the mentioned criterion was a simple step by step process that teaches how to replace manual transmission fluid.Manual transmission fluids make this possible.Do not use any lubricant additives.Make sure to have a drain pan below the transmission as you fill.My 2011 GTI manual transmission fluid change.Keep the drain pan in place until after you have filled the transmission with new oil.Large Image, extra-Large Image, figure 4, this is the special triple-square socket for the transmission drain plug,.k.a.The fluid changing gap depends on the car model greatly.Some folks have used manual fluid transfer pumps to fill the tranny, but gravity works just as well.Large Image, extra-Large Image, figure 3, this is the view from underneath the car, with the drain plug being removed.Turn the wrench anti-clockwise to unbolt the filler.4) Once you know you can remove the fill plug, remove the drain plug using the 10mm hex socket.In each case, a socket for your ratcheting wrench should do the trick.Make sure you have the drain pan under the fill and drain plugs, as some of the fluid will drain when you remove the fill plug.When you've filled the transmission to the point where fluid is running out of the fill hole, you're done.Make sure you can remove the fill plug before pulling the drain plug - you need to be able to refill the transmission!Application: With automatic transmission, transmission model 01M, note : 01M transmissionPennzoil Multi Vehicle ATF 28901.Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) checking:.
It is a bolt that you may find on the transmissions bottom.