Road hog light board manual

Circuit Breaker: An automatically operated electrical manual OFF switch designed to protect an electrical windows circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit.
Shutting Down the manual Console, to exit the show file, press manager Setup then Quit.Since the Road Hog console uses the standard Wholehog control system, you can refer to the Wholehog User Manual (m/support/hog3/manuals for manager detailed software information.By default, the work light is on while the console is being used and turns off after a period of inon inactivity; the period is determined by the Desk and Worklight Off setting in the Appearance pane of the User Preferences window.These and other hardware settings are configured user in the software's Control Panel.Convection Cooling: A cooling process whereby air circulation is maintained in order to transfer heat from an object to the atmosphere user around it by supplying adequate ventilation or heat sinks without the use soil of electrical or mechanical items such as fans, blowers, etc.Road Hog Full user Boar does support the use of 4 additional USB DMX widgets or 1 additional Super Widget Printing functionality is currently USB Printers crack not supported.For this magazine there is no download available.Setting up the Console, unpacking, road Hog and Road Hog Full Boar consoles ship with the following components: Console, with two LED desk lights and desk cover.These tests are primarily for use by authorized HES technicians.After making needed adjustment, press OK to Apply.Trackball Preferences, changes made to the pointer mode for the trackball in the Preferences window regarding the bottom two buttons will be ignored by the Road Hog console.The Road Hog console supports one input of timecode in a smpte format via the optional USB LTC Widget.Click here to fill out driver our feedback survey.Named for engineer and physicist Lord Kelvin lost (William Thomson who conceived of the thermodynamic temperature scale, in 1848.Failure to follow the above procedure may result in the data no longer being recognized in any Windows machine.Note: You will need the information on this screen whenever contacting High End Systems for support.Appearance pane of the User Preferences window.A circuit breaker can be reset once it switches off and stops electrical flow.Move the light from 10' away to 20' away, and you have 1/4 kohan of the intensity; 40 1/16th. EF USarness, From Front Panel.
Crown Glass: A type of glass that has excellent optical quality, used for lenses and mirrors.

Cool Light: Light having a color temperature of approximately 3600K to road hog light board manual 4900K,.e., bright-white to blue-white.
DC Voltage: Short for Direct Current Voltage.