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In The Page Load Event I Assigned Dropdownlists Datasource Property To A Valid List.
How Do I Run Managed Code In A Process?
The setting only applies on multi-processor machines, and defaults to true.A red circle with an exclamation point blinks, and when the user mouses over the icon, the error message is displayed as a tooltip.A struct can implement interfaces, and it does that exactly as classes.Child controls of nested UpdatePanel controls do not cause an update to the outer UpdatePanel control unless they are explicitly defined as triggers for the parent panel.Boxing Value type to object type.AppDomain class: public static void Unload(AppDomain domain) The Unload method gracefully shuts down the specified application domain.The obj parameter is required to be the caller of this method.To obtain the benefits provided by the common language runtime, you must use one or more language compilers that target the runtime.If the document file has completed comments, author, title, or other Properties metadata, the text is displayed as a tool tip when a user hovers the mouse over the document on the desktop.ActiveX control is a special type of COM component that supports a User Interface.The DirectoryServices namespace provides the classes to perform ms word 2010 hindi font most administrative functions.The final versions of the.0 SDK and runtime were made publicly available around 6pm PST on15-Jan-2002.What Are Sealed Classes In C#?All features of the.NET framework are readily available.BinaryFormatter makes sense where both serialization and deserialization will be performed on the.NET platform and where performance is important.Typically, a host consists of both managed code and unmanaged code.
In general polymorphism means one interface, multiple methods, This means that it is possible to design a generic interface silverlight 4 standalone installer to a group of related activities.
This method starts downloading the process which runs asynchronously.

On the other hand, a shared assembly is shared by multiple applications.
Each interface supports methods access data and perform operations transparently to the programmer.
A collection independent files that contain xaml content, media assets, and other application information can be downloaded from within Silverlight.