Service manual kodak easyshare c140

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Release Telephoto (T then press it again.Page 60 Kodak yamaha C140 - easyshare Digital Camera Manual port Page 60 service manual 60 15APR10 SM8720-1 Check: camera is energized with the fossil correct combination of buttons connections for the patched USB cable connections for.2 If necessary, install new covers.Page 28 Kodak C140 - easyshare Digital Camera Manual Page 28 service manual 28 15APR10 SM8720-1 2 Check the mode button.Page 20 Kodak C140 - easyshare Digital Camera Manual.Page 6 service manual 6 15APR10 SM8720-1 Reference Table for New cameras Use the following catalog numbers to order a replacement camera if the camera is under warranty fighters and forwarding cannot.To get the most from your camera, see page.M/go/c140support 15 Doing more with your camera Using the menu button to change settings driver important: Your camera offers abuilt-inHelp system.Blur Reduction total Reducing blur caused by camera shake or subject motion.Postrequisites: None Yes. .2Press to highlight a tab: Capture/Video for the most Setup for other camera settings 3 Press to highlight a setting, then press.3 At the same time, press and hold: Tele button Review button.4 If the error ReadOnly File Detected occurs, click Yes.Pictures become stories here!2 Press to highlight the Flash icon on the LCD.Page 38 Kodak C140 - easyshare Digital Camera Manual Page 38 service manual 38 15APR10 SM8720-1 lens AY, main board: Auto Focus - EFA Adjustment Specification Caution Dangerous Voltage Prerequisites: None To Check: You cannot check this adjustment.Backlight Subjects that are in shadow (when light is behind the subject).Page 15 Kodak C140 - easyshare Digital Camera Manual. Page 9 Illustrated Parts List SM APR10 9 Equipment Parts Caution Dangerous Voltage Before you remove the back cover AY, you must remove, with if installed: memory card.
Page 35 Kodak C140 - easyshare Digital Camera Manual Page 35 Adjustments SM APR10 35 Important 2 additional files are written to the memory card.
Page 11 Kodak C140 - easyshare Digital Camera Manual.

4 Highlight an option, then press.
3:2 (the best choice when making 4 x 6 prints) 16:9 (wide screen) 4:3 (the default setting capturing video with sound.
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