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For Favourites folder the jay l devore solutions manual folder has to have attributes of either readonly or system or both for the folder to change to favourites from the actual folder displayed in Explorer.
Dll,-7518 Hand [email protected] Mailmsoeres.
LocalizedFileNames,-10082, windows Media,-4,-10054,-10055,-10056, internet,-10101,-10057, spider,-10061, downloads.ShellClassInfo,-21798.Favorites.ShellClassInfo,-21796, iconIndex-173, links.ShellClassInfo,-21810, DefaultDropEffect4, localizedFileNames,-37217,-21769,-21798, music.ShellClassInfo,-21790,-12689 IconIndex-237 Pictures.ShellClassInfo,-21779,-12688 IconIndex-236 Recent.ShellClassInfo,-21797 [email protected],dll,-12692 Saved Games.ShellClassInfo,-21814 Searches.ShellClassInfo,-9031 LocalizedFileNames Indexed,-32820,-32822 Enable Read-Only and Hidden Attributes for the i file After adding contents and saving the i file, right-click the file i and choose Properties.The i file can have any attribute and below is an example of the ini file.ShellClassInfo, iconIndex-173,-12693, the LocalizedResourceName parameter can be used to change the folder name to something else when viewed in Windows Explorer.; ; -.ShellClassInfo clsid1D2680C9-0E2A-469d-B BC7D43 ConfirmFileOp1 InfoTipContains application stability information.The ini file settings should contain this class id below.ShellClassInfo, clsid645ff b-9f08-00aa002f954e, for the Scheduled tasks again changing the folder attributes to system or read only makes it change to the tasks icon.ShellClassInfo, So what does this mean from a malware point of view?Shell folders are displayed with the standard folder icon in Windows Vista.Then select Show hidden files and folders radio button and also uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).W ten prosty sposób udało się przywrócić system do normalnego stanu.Pliki w katalogu autostart z atrybutem "ukryty" nie są uruchamiane podczas bootowania systemu.To create a recycle bin folder changing the folder attributes to system or readonly makes it change to the bin icon.Burn.ShellClassInfo,-21815 Contacts.ShellClassInfo,-10100,-10200 Documents.ShellClassInfo,-21770 IconIndex-235 Desktop.ShellClassInfo,-21769 LocalizedFileNames,-10082 Windows Media,-4,-10054,-10055,-10056 Internet,-10101,-10057 Spider,-10061 Downloaded Program Files.ShellClassInfo clsid88C6C381-2E85-11d0-94DE Downloads.ShellClassInfo,-21798 Favorites.ShellClassInfo,-21796 IconIndex-173 Favorites/Links.ShellClassInfo,-12385 Feeds Cache.ShellClassInfo Fonts.ShellClassInfo History.ShellClassInfo ConfirmFileOp0 DefaultToFS0 clsidff393560-C2A7-11CF-BFF Libraries LocalizedFileNames Links.ShellClassInfo,-21810 DefaultDropEffect4 LocalizedFileNames,-37217,-21769,-21798 Music.ShellClassInfo,-21790,-12689 IconIndex-237 Offline Web Pages.ShellClassInfo clsidf d0-9C5E-00AA00A45957 Pictures.ShellClassInfo,-21779,-12688 IconIndex-236 Program Files.ShellClassInfo,-21781 Program Files (x86).ShellClassInfo,-21817 general kinematics manual pdf t100 Quick.For each shell folder (thats missing the special icon) create a file named i and add corresponding content.Here again the folders attributes define the folder properties and the i file can have any attribute set.Można więc założyć, że nic nie da nam jego usunięcie - plik zostałby odtworzony przez system.Dll,-7516 Green [email protected] Mailmsoeres.Dll,-7522 Soft [email protected] Mailmsoeres.Dll,-7524 Temporary Internet Files.ShellClassInfo Users.ShellClassInfo,-21813 Videos.ShellClassInfo,-21791,-12690 IconIndex-238 Public Users.ShellClassInfo,-21816 Public Videos.ShellClassInfo,-21804,-12690 Public Sample Videos LocalizedFileNames,-142.ShellClassInfo,-21807 Public Recorded.ShellClassInfo,-304 Public Sample Media.ShellClassInfo,-312 LocalizedFileNames,-308 Public Pictures.ShellClassInfo,-21802,-12688 Public Sample Pictures LocalizedFileNames,-101,-102,-103,-104,-105,-106,-107,-108.ShellClassInfo,-21805 Public Music.ShellClassInfo,-21803,-12689 Public Sample Music LocalizedFileNames,-116 Maid with the Flaxen,-117 Sleep,-118.ShellClassInfo,-21806 Public Libraries LocalizedFileNames Public Downloads.ShellClassInfo,-21808 Public.For Windows Vista, use the instructions in article.Having a job in Windows tasks (C:windowstasks) with a hidden attribute set on the job file will be invisible even with all files and folders set to show.Using the Attrib command, set the Read-only attribute for the shell folder.Or better, you may check again after a reboot cycle.
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If a shell folder in your Windows 7 computer has lost its special icon and showing up as a generic (yellow) folder, you need to create/fix the i file for the shell folder.
Folder Options and selecting View.