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Fixed a source specific myegy problem that rubicon generals would isolation occur while traveling in an well populated neighborhood.
Fixed mendes a philips rare instance where the Mascot NPC would become stuck in place fighters after pulling the sprinkler prank.
The Grim Reaper will no crack longer fail to leave a lot if multiple Sims die and the lot is left empty.
Chocolate puddles generated by the "Shokolade 890 Chocolate Manufacturing Facility" are now visible.Fixed cricket various resets with the nanny that would occasionally prevent the nanny from being dismissed Improved the cleanup of kicky bags (automatically cleans up any invisible kicky bags on lots) Prevented an issue where the headmaster could get stuck indefinitely in a hot tub under.Fixed a problem in University where Dustin Broke would bring Angela Pleasant home every day from school.Fixed recovery a very rare instance where Sims age meters would not properly reset after age transitioning.(growing into a young poweriso adult) Sims no longer get crushes from playing handhelds together.Sims no longer play the extended browse animation when purchasing an item from the clothing rack.Fixed an obscure looping reset that occurred when loading a lot during an active pledge scenario for a Sim who has moved to a different lot.Prevented an exploit with the Resurrect-O-Nomitron that allowed more than 8 Sims to live on a lot.Fixed a problem that caused pianos that have been owned for a certain amount of time to cease providing fun.9) When the installation is finnished, mount Sims2EP1_1.mir in DeamonTools.Prevented teens from receiving the "Win Young Entrepreneur's Award" Want when it is already satisfied.Audrey Hepburn 1 decade ago 0, thumbs up 1, thumbs down, comment).Squashed a rare scripting error that occurred when hanging up a cell phone.Sims can now Propose Move In or faith Propose Marriage towards non player young adult Sims that they became engaged to while in college.The proper text notification is now displayed when a pledge is denied entrance to a Greek House due to relationship score.Zits are now removed from any Sim that enters university.Fixed a problem where in very specific circumstances age transitions would fail.And please buy this gem if your gf is all dragon excited by this gift forwarding det funkar, har testat det.Fixed a rare occurrence of a reset that would leave a user unable to save or quite after a Sim gave birth.Sims could not sit on a barstool at the Bachman Busbar (cheap bar). Book cleanup has been improved to prevent the potential deletion of unintentional objects, such as vehicle portals.

Level 6 Greek Houses can now accept pledges Eliminated a problem where Greek Houses were not accepting the proper amount of pledges per level.
" Installing University on top of userdata that includes service NPC vehicles saved on lots no longer causes errors.
Prevented improper animations from running if a teen Sim age transitioned sims 2 univercity crack while sitting down.