Sony dsc t50 manual

sony dsc t50 manual

Touching one of the repair "virtual buttons" on the setupinx display brings up a anniversay second-level make menu showing the available options.
If you read the details of the.Shutter lag with AF / AE is rated.28 of a second, and the Sony Cybershot DSC-T50's burst speed and depth are listed as 5 shots.1 frames per second, while keyboard the regular shot-to-shot interval.4 seconds.As far as we can tell, it uses the same sensor and same zoom repair lens as the T10, so its images and capabilities are very similar in most respects.Part science of the increased kawasaki body thickness is to make room for a larger williams battery than the one used in the T10, perhaps to handle the increased power drain from the larger LCD screen science and touch-panel system.Super SteadyShot: Sharp Photos in Dim Lighting.(And I mean really like them.) Just not.Personally, I find the touch screen system kawasaki on the Sony T50 and the N2 denied client tedious and awkward to use: crack It just takes too many touches to get to anything I need, particularly when compared williams to the very clean, efficient user interface of Sony's other cameras.That's a huge difference, enough to make the difference between having to use the flash all the time indoors or being able to get beautiful natural-light shots instead.Sony T10, which science we reviewed in full a short while ago.(Or, if you already know you like touch screens, just click through to one of the retailers listed below and buy yourself one, at great internet prices. Noise reduction in the Sony DSC-T50 has also been adjusted, and now operates at exposures 1/6th of a second or longer (formerly this was 1/25th of a second or longer).