Afterwards we took goofy pictures.
We also had ocean sounds playing before and after the program.We made this ship as a photo backdrop.Fun refreshments included cupcakes with sails, veggies with dip, fish-shaped jigglers, meringue cookie sea foam, and fish and chips.The takeaway gift for the evening was a pack of Chips Ahoy cookies attached to a sticker that we had printed the mutual theme.Our nautical theme comes from the 2015 mutual theme: O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day (D C 4:2).We had our New Beginnings program last night, and I just wanted to share a few fun details.The young women added flags to the sail during the program, as each Personal Progress value was introduced.It was a lovely way to consider the journey we embark on as we strive to know the Savior better and serve God through Personal Progress.The week before our program we made these salt dough starfish, using the tutorial here.The sky, sail and mast is mounted on a rolling chalkboard.The base of the ship is a table turned on its side, with paper taped.YW lesson on the Priesthood coming up in June.Its about the Relief Society being organized under the Priesthood and after the pattern of the Priesthood.# # stellar phoenix excel repair 4.0 crack Linux/FreeBSD: supported # OSX: doesn't have a utility for this # Solaris: no access, PR welcome if -x command -v taskset 2 /dev/null ; then W_taskset"taskset -c 0" elif -x command -v cpuset 2 /dev/null ; then W_taskset"cpuset -l 0" else # not.
# # Hiding these Wine exports is only available in wine-staging.
# A very nice line plot function for time series data is available in the Mfuzz library.

# - pkexec, sudo, or kdesu (gksu/gksudo/kdesudo are deprecated upstream but also still supported) # are used to mount.iso images if the user cached them with -k option.
# - perl is used to munge steam config files.
# 2/4 backslashes, not 4/8, see _W_NEW_path printf s "1" sed 's,g _W_WIN_path w_expand_env path sed 's,g # fixme: OS X?