Tales of pirates 2 cracked tortoise shell

Pls only some1 help me how to curcio change rates!
Pls guys, is there GM commands what can be edited in emergency any game peugeot file?
training None, summary, level 0, race, any, nortel profession, any, price 28, traded, yes, discard, yes, banked, yes.Drops: Black Wings, Black Scale, Poisoned Fruit, Medicine Bottle, Flaw Sapphire, Short Sword, gothic Husk Armor.Where can i get the new ip addres for topsg #379, re: Pirate King (Tales of Pirate) Server Files.Guys how to make accs and how to put rebel npcs.Exp Rate 5x, party Rate 8x, drop Rate 5x, fairy Rate 100x, crack max patch Lv 130.CLU_Call CameraShowSize1024 C_normal, 63, 63 cLU_Call CameraRangeXY C_near, 28,.5 cLU_Call CameraRangeZ C_near,.5, 50).If you are like me and are simply addicted to playing with a Zoom Hack here is a small only release: You need to edit u: Navigate to this folder: topii Client.D couple good job Now I recognise the chat again :D I took the liberty to check what crashes rebel the client: Code: 465 "Local" 466 "Friend" 467 "Party" 468 "Guild" 469 "Passer-by" crack These lines crash the client for sure.Level 7 Grass Tortoise (2057,2564 drops : Grass Tortoise Shell, effects Dark Tortoise Bones, Coagulated Liquid, Tortoise Blood, Husk Shield, Cloth Boots, Cloth Gloves.Level 9 Marsh Spirit (1973, 2697). Can gothic anyone give me the itemtype files content?