Now the four remaining Titans plus an embittered Slade must stop Trigon and his minions.
When Cinderblock breaks out of jail, Robin suddenly spots Slade again.
Meanwhile, Robin watches TV while Starfire worries about Raven.
While Raven and Robin escape.In addition, Beast Boy displays a bad hand in technological skills, even with simplified instructions from Cyborg ; Raven encounters a band of diminutive but cordial aliens and Robin and Starfire have to come to terms with their affection for each other.However, Monsieur Mallah is after the three young heroes.Once all of the audience is gone, the Titans arrive.Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven crumble to the ground, begging him to stop.While Robin goes after Slade, the other Titans try to disarm the Detonator.032 " Spellbound " October 9, Raven is isolating herself from the other Titans, feeling that no one understands her and that they only regard her as being "creepy".Punk Rocket introduces himself and then blast the Titans into the wall.Later, they discover that the Doom Patrol have been taken captive by their worst enemies, the Brotherhood of Evil.9 10 No Title Original airdate Production code Overview 001 " Divide and Conquer " 4 August 2, The Teen Titans face Cinderblock, who attempts to break into the prison.February 7, 2006 4 2, january 10 August 21, 2004, september 12, 2006.Also in the mid-credits scene, this teaser tag was directed by Ben Jones and sequenced by Amy Wolfram.Cyborg falls to the ground, almost broken.057 " Snowblind " October 28, On a mission in Siberia, Starfire gets lost in a snowstorm tai chi chuan book and befriends a hero called Red Star.
Meanwhile, the other Titans are fighting for their lives against evil doppelgangers of themselves.
The saucer picks Beast Boy up by mistake, and its owner gives Beast Boy more attention than he would like.