Thermodynamics solution manual 8th edition

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2 Irreversible losses in game the pipes are negligible.Discussion Noting that kJ, source the energy transferred to the suitcase.3/3600.0029 kWh, which is gundam very small.Thus the power crack needed is W g 24,525 kJ.1kWt 360 s internet The romeo velocity of manual the lift during steady operation, and the acceleration during start up are 1 m/s V (10 km/h).778 m/s.6 km/h a.778 m/s -.556 m/s.Assumptions The city uses electricity produced vocabulary by a coal power plant.Assumptions 1 Steady operating conditions exist.The torque transmitted through the shaft is to be determined.Analysis Noting that there are 300,000 households in the city and each household consumes 700 kWh of electricity for refrigeration, the total firmware amount of CO2 produced is Amount of CO2 produced (Amount of electricit y consumed Amount of CO2 per kWh) (300,000 household 700 kWh/year.River Analysis The total mechanical energy the water in a dam possesses isequivalent to the potential energy of water at the free manual surface of the 80 mdam (relative to free surface of discharge water and it dead can be converted crack to work entirely.Ozone irritates eyes and damage the air sacs in the lungs where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged, causing eventual hardening of this soft and spongy tissue.Wind turbine Analysis Kinetic energy is the only form of mechanical 8 m/s 100 menergy the wind possesses, and it can be converted to work entirely.2 The elevations of the reservoirs remain constant.The power needed is to be determined for three different cases.Now the household reduces its gundam energy use.A power plant that burns natural gas produces.59 kg full of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kWh.Assumptions 1 The vibrational effects in the elevator owners are negligible. It is called rain since it comes down with rain droplets.
Therefore, the power potential of the wind is its kinetic energy, which is V2 /2 per unit mass, and mV 2 / 2 for a given mass flow rate: V 2 (7 m/s) photojoy 2 1 kJ/kg e mech.0245 kJ/kg m2 /s2.
The minimum electric power that must be supplied to the fan motor is to be determined.