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Hello all.,i am having a problem with thief 3 deadly shadows.,i installed the prototype game and game patch and the update texture upgrade and also applied the No-cd crack to eagles be able to play it with.,and i did the compatibility to windows XP sp2.,and when.
4th Nov 2009 05:00 #1, haven't noticed this mentioned windows in any thread I've browsed or prototype prototype the guides, so thought I'd post it here.
37456 36,58 KB plane :48:32).Zip, reply With" thief 5th Nov 2009 11:10 #5, ah, T3Ed, reply With".Here crime and corruption are commonplace, wealthy nobles prey on the poor and each other, and magic and machinery coexist uneasily.It's in the Editor released by crack Eidos found here, installing this 300mb (yes, three hundred megs.!) crack pack allows you to play the game without leander the disk, and without 3rd party no cd cracks.It can also be downloaded from Eidos' servers: m/pub/.evelEditor.But things never work out that way.Reply With" 5th Nov 2009 10:34 #4, originally Posted by clearing.World-weary and cynical, Garrett wants nothing more than to be left alone to ply his trade.You may steam or may not know it, but there's an official no cd patch for Thief.Please if there are any fixes or patches or a way to make it work on windows 7 64bit i7 processor and the ATI5850 Share X in advance.Rarely seen and never caught, Garrett is a master thief the best who ever was.Official, no CD Patch?Well, it's a No CD patch as a by-product of installing the editor.And what mudi said.Reply With" 5th Nov 2009 09:43 #2, official, no CD Patch?Reply With" 5th Nov 2009 10:28 #3, official in that it came from Eidos/Ion Storm, in the Editor pack for.123 123 B :22:04.Able to sneak past any guard, pick any lock, and break into the most ingeniously secured crack residences, he steals from the rich and gives to himself, making a living in the dark and foreboding tournament City. May 21, 2005 - 9:00pm.
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