When you leave this line a pair of braces will automatically enclose the number.
Sequences and Series Get in sequence mode: mode, use the arrows to highlight Seq, press enter.Statistics To access the built-in list L1: naruto episode de 1 a 25 L1 2nd 1 Calculate a linear regression with x L1 and y L2: stat calc 4 enter Calculate a linear regression with x L3 and y L4: stat calc 4 ( L3, L4 ) enter Show the values.It contains worked out examples and sample screen views, as well as a complete index of features and actions.Explore the world around you using this App.To access the built-in list L1: L1 2nd 1 Insert a new list: stat edit, use the up arrow to place the cursor on a list name, then press INS 2nd DEL Type the name of a list: use the alpha character keys.List name: there are six built-in lists, L1 through L6, and you can add more with your own names.The (approximate) intercept appears at the bottom of the screen.If a matrix is too large to fit completely on the home screen, use the arrow keys to see more columns or rows.The alpha key is locked down for you.Examples, creating and saving a new address.Clear a list: stat edit, use the up arrow to place the cursor on the list name, press clear enter Warning!Customer Support 1999, 2001 Texas Instruments.
Press zoom 2 enter The same Zoom menu contains a zoom out feature, as well as useful standardized axes.
The keys to manipulate functions are at the top, just under the display window.

The usual settings are the first choices in each row: RectGC, CoordOn, GridOff, AxesOn, LabelOff, ExprOn.
Example: assume you called the above matrix.
This tutorial and practice app enables students to explore concepts such as number sense; linear equations; linear functions; and linear inequalities.