Titan quest unofficial patch

titan quest unofficial patch

Normal Scepter of crack the Liche King has titan irregular damage values.
Percentage poison damage boosts on Battlemarker shrines crack do not patch work.
Warning: This is a fan-developed patch so full use at your own risk.
Traps became acdsee dumber.1.16.Bugs fixed game in patch.17a.17a was released because of full compatibility issues with digital versions (D2D, Steam, Impulse, etc.).The.17a unofficial patch for Titan Quest: Immortal Throne.Revenant acdsee Greaves don't drop, and crack Epic and Legendary variants aren't linked.If you have a retail version you won't see a difference.17.Liche King's Soul Blight projectile has no sound and no visible impact.Gigantes monster gear and monster infrequent gear is a mess.All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.Ravages of Time icon is too large.6678 should be 6788 - Removed fix notes from previous crack patch change logs that have been confirmed as not having been implemented, or not working as intended.Shaman's full Leggings give double recharge bonuses. Monster acdsee Infrequent leg armor from Act 4 monsters can drop without affixes.
To access this option, use the menu's "Unlock Content" button and type in this code: 123.
This caused the version number not to update.

If you bring these items into the original game, they will appear in your inventory as unusable parchments until returned to the originating mod).
The only difference between this patch titan quest unofficial patch and the.17 patch is compatibility with digital version of the game like D2D, Steam, Impulse, etc.
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