In this situation test the memory module as I described in the situation2.
Try reseating the memory module, just remove it from the slot on the motherboard and install it back.
Heres my new! pdf2office for iwork full version previous post witch covers troubleshooting bad images on the screen in more details.
When you press on the power button the laptop powers up but will not start.It sounds like the laptop is booting normally (hard drive LED is flashing) but there is no video on the screen.The output voltage must be exactly the same as on the original adapter.You start classic media player vista the laptop and it starts making repetitive clicking noise or grinding noise.If your laptop does not start at all or it starts but will not boot properly, its possible that you can fix the laptop at home without taking it to a repair center.When you press on the power button, the laptop makes a series or short and long beeps and will not start.The output amperage has to be the same as on the original adapter or higher, but not lower.Listen for the cooling fan, make sure it works.If you have two memory modules installed, try removing them one by one and start the laptop just with one memory module installed.It also could be a memory related problem.Run the memory test and if it fails, replace the faulty module.If the noise is gone, the hard drive is your problem.If you cannot do that, find a known good AC adapter and use it for testing the laptop.Situation 6, the laptop starts normally but video on the screen has lines, some strange characters or other defects.The laptop boots into Windows ans works for a while, but after that it shuts down by itself without any reason or warning.If the laptop starts fine with both memory modules when they are installed in the slot A, but will not start with both memory modules installed in the slot B, the slot B is faulty and youll have to replace the motherboard or use only.If you know that the AC adapter is working properly and it outputs correct voltage but the laptop is still dead, most likely you have a power issue on the motherboard (or power board on some laptops) and it has to be replaced.Most likely there is nothing wrong with the adapter but just in case test it with a voltmeter to make sure the output voltage is correct.