Towa sx-580 manual dansk

towa sx-580 manual dansk

A1, please set the paper roll; then, turn the control lock internet key to P position, plug in security the power code, holding down the language selection key *Refer to following descriptions.
1: Round dansk at finalization by the chrg key operation.
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Exit Training Mode: 1) Control position : X 2) xxxx CHG 3) Turn the Control position to the "R".MF119 0: Do not round micromaster at the finalization by the chrg key operation.Top Q6 How can I program the tax rate?15: Add TAX1,TAX2,TAX3 and TAX4 top Q5 How can I initialize the ECR?MF35 0: Print maytag the tax symbol on receipt.Sweden Round ; schools (0.00-0.24 became.00,.25-0.74 become.50,.75-0.99 become.00) ie ) MF setting: MF1171, PO Round down :0.24 dept0001.24 item CT 1 cash.00 Round up :0.25 dept0001.25 manual item CT 1 cash.50 Round down :0.24 dept0001.74 item.A17 Put the paper roll in right position and then press dansk the RLS key.A4 Enter each number in order according to below instruction: N1 N2 software N3 N4 N5 N6 N7 N8 N9 N10 total hack ENT/RLS nn player DPT# chck stub nn : Link Dept # N1: Age crack Table 0 Non Age Verification 1 Age Table #1 2 Age Table.Top Q15 How to program the tax amount or taxable amount to print on the receipt?00: Does not round.A5 Turn the control lock key to P position, plug in the power code, holding down the language selection key.A12 PLU # PLU (or software Scan Item) pppppppp (PLU Price) ENT RLS nn ( Link Dept DPT# NS top Q13 How can I program the rounding method at finalizing?Total ENT/RLS nn (Department DPT# cccccccccccccccc (Input Dept Name) check stub Max. Nx CHG xxxxxx (Input the tax rate) total aaaaaa (Tax Limit Amount ) total n : Designate number of cardrecovery tax n 1,2,3 or 4 : Tax1,Tax2,Tax3 or Tax4 x : Select type of tax x 0: Add on Tax / 1: Value cardrecovery added tax.