Patch.01, download Direct2Drive patch.01 (5MB list of changes.01.
Badboy from taking provinces off another player dropped to 1/3rd.
Added manpower and tax boosts to several Brandenburg and Prussian Events.AI changes: - AI is now smarter on trade agreements and trade refusals.Up to 50 of their manpower depending of how decentralized you are.Removed Archangelsk as National Province for SWE in AoR - Set the Khanates (CHG, KZK, NOG, SIB, UZB) st anthony's skills nursing facility manual to Land 10 - Regraded new DAN leader Otto avast home update 4.8 Krumpen to rank 2 - Added three new SAV leaders - Changed Karl final fantasy agito xiii cso psp XI to.Fixed a crashbug with colonial revolters.Recoded how merchants get checked in multiplayer.Improved checksum checking for multiplayer games.Fixed a thing which caused occasional crashes with.Some Game Trainers are sometimes reported to.Monarchs for Polotsk should now work properly.New face scans and 2D portraits.