For Discount Troy Bilt Parts Call.5 HP Super Bronco Bolo Tines And Wheels Page 1 of 15 m, for Discount Troy Bilt Parts Call.5 HP Super Bronco Bolo Tines And Wheels Ref # 1 2 3 4 Part Number Qty S/P/ S Page.
3 For Models 12209, 12210 Hex.
Hex Lock Nut, 3/8-16 Hex.
Severe engine Check the air pressure with a tire.Flange Screw, 5/16-18 x 5/8, Grade 5 Front Cover, Transmission Rear Cover, Transmission Gasket, Housing Cover Oil Seal, Drive Shaft Oil Seal, Wheel Shaft Transmission Housing Ass'y Oil Seal, Tine Shaft Bearing Cap Gasket,.010" thick Bearing Cap Gasket,.030" thick Rear Bearing Cap Hex.Tine Holder For Models 12209, 12210 Tine Holder For Model 12227 Wheel Tire Ass'y.It will help you assemble, prepare and maintain the unit for best performance.Power to the tines: (a) Pull Forward Clutch Bail (Fig.How do I disc.Till only on moderate slopes, never on steep ground where footing is difficult (review safe- slowly and be sure you have ty rules in Section 1: Safety of this manual).Dirt or water in fuel tank.Caution when reversing or A pulling the machine towards warning: Do not attempt you.Choke control (if so equipped) in incorrect position.Operating o principe maquiavel pdf portugues instructions in this Do not attempt to remove it from the ship- manual.Flange Screw, Self-Tapping, 1/4-20 x 1/2 Decal, Hood Tine Hood (Incl.Squeeze the Forward Clutch Bail against the handlebar (see Fig.Improper Depth Regulator setting.Contact local dealer or the factory.Description Upper Handlebar (Incl.Right wheel takes a step backward.Replace with fresh gasoline.Wheels and Tines will not turn.Dont overload the engine, but dig as deeply as possible on each pass.

See Bolo Tines (Section 5).
How To Disconnect Safety Switch From Seat.
Help them along by lifting up slightly on the handlebar tilling, contact your (one hand, palm up, works most easily).