Turn coke into crack in a spoon

Your ammonia must be unscented and sony contain absolutely nothing but ammonia and water.
When it has duragesic hardened and you'll know it has Take it off the bros spoon and get some newspaper leave your rock on there to berserk dry for a while( as long as you can wait).5: gently lift up the filter from the funnel with the crystals inside it fold the top and sides over to close it, manual now place a paperclip garmin over the folds to hold it in patch place.Image via Wikipedia, updated Nov.(Some say 3-1, others say 2-1: best to start smaller and add a bit more if needed).Well i hope this helps people wishing hunter to clean up their stash and health at the same time, drugs are unhealthy but that does not mean you should not care sony about all the gunk and crap thats in your product which in turn goes.It is version believed that just using acetone is the overall safest third method which has the best result.Do your calculation to determine the exact purity of the crap you were originally sold.But apart from Whitney Houstons 8 balls wrapped up in a cannabis joint, all wrapped tightly in anow whats the name of those cigar manual papers that big ass smokers roll their weed service in?Let air dry for as long as it takes to become completely dry (especially if your planning on reconverting it back to 100 pure cocaine hydrochloride).When fruity it comes to how to cook coke into crack, duragesic the process takes time.Dont let any crystals leave the beaker yet, just gently pour the acetone out while keeping the crystals in the beaker.The goo will continue to grow on the stir rod as all of the other freebases other than cocaine continue to precipitate out first.Heat solution gently (with a lighter) stellar until white precipitates form, and stop heating when precipitation stops. S and 2-3 minutes between each.
Items you need are 1, 1 ltr can of acetone available online and small DIY shops, dont bother with the big stores, they dont sell it and they know why they dont!
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