According to Kaspersky Lab, a leading security firm, many times, government-sponsored hackers and hacktivists are behind these attacks.
This article from m explains it all.
How the pharm works: The pharm uses a toll free number, which would have been registered, possibly using fake names or contact information.
Get it Delivered, the way to go if you don't have a broadband connection 5 Simple Steps: Go to, myAccount and you will see your product and the expiration date.They mail (yes, snail mail) bogus postcards or letters to victims and have them call the telephone number.Once you made your selection, head to your retailer to make your purchase.If your page does not automatically refresh, please follow the link below: Support Home McAfee, Inc.Every day someone is attacked and their computer or personal information is compromised.Victims of this scam are often left with nothing but negative balances in their bank accounts since the checks are fake.* * m/CrackingCards(BankScam).This type of attack is not common and many ISPs have upgraded their software to prevent pharming since its introduction.On Billing Info, click on the Edit link and make sure your credit card information is complete and current.This scam is believed to be costing banks millions of dollars every year.It then instructs them to call a certain phone number which is actually the criminals computer.Based on simple marketing metrics for response rates, the numbers will add up for a fraudster to spend the money to mail the letters.User: types invalid 16 digit credit/debit card number.User: types 4 digits, pharmer: Wait please till processing.You will be charged 2/day hp probook 4310s wireless driver unless you cancel your order at our website.Card Cracking, cracking Cards is a scam which involves depositing a stolen/counterfeit check into someones bank account and then using their debit card to withdraw the money before the bank realizes whats going.
However, once they arrive, they are prompted to download a program which is actually a Trojan horse.