Capable of handling up to 850 horsepower, this versatile transmission from TCI features a compact design, allowing it to work in a variety of performance applications.
JTR (Jag's That Run) has a conversion kit available to change the electrical T56 output to a mechanical cable, but unfortunately, it is around 300.
Many people have been asking if the leather boot on the console will still fit, or audition hack for clash of clans if the shifter hits anything.
I could see t he shifter bounce up and down a few times after a bump The second design was made to fix the initial shortcomings.Differences between the '93-'97 f-body, 98 f-body, and Aftermarket T56 1993 to 1997 LT1 F-body T56.Dakota Digital SGI-5 signal recalibration box to do this.Auto Meter has an electronically driven speedometer that accept's the VSS signal.Isuzu NPR-HD diesel 4HK1-TCN (RDQ) crew CAB AND super.It'll save time later if the torque arm mount is already on the transmission.The other alternative is to either purchase a new one for 2100, or get one from an f-body junkyard which is more expensive for the convenience.Shifting through 6 speeds is where it's at, whether for road racing, or fun on the street.Automatic Transmission 12 Equinox 6 Speed AWD OPT Mhc ID 2Jlw 180368 Free Warranty!The main difference between the Muncie and the Borg-Warner is that the Muncie has a 7-bolt side cover and the Borg Warner has a 9-bolt side cover.Used Parts Save 1,219.95 Buy It Now or Best Offer Free Shipping equinox 12 AT; (6 speed AWD, opt MHC, ID 2JLW.I used a cutoff disc in a die grinder to cut the opening larger.
LT1 pull-style clutch, bellhousing, and slave cylinder is necessary 1998 LS1 F-body T56, this is from the LS1 f-body, so it has a different length input shaft, and a completely different push-style clutch setup.