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An emissions test is often given in conjunction with the safety inspection.Members of the seven person council are appointed by the Commissioner of the Utah Department of Public Safety.Additionally, the inspector checks for any fuel or engine fluid leakage.More: Texas State Car Inspection Checklist, more: Pennsylvania State Auto Safety Inspection Rules.By Lou Martin, vehicle safety inspections are required of all cars, trucks and on-highway motorcycles in the state of Utah.The training also contains the tests that must pmdg bae js4100 sp1 patch be passed to recertify as an inspector.The vehicle's tires are also inspected for proper inflation and to ensure that there's a sufficiently safe amount of tread remaining.For vehicles eight years and older, an annual safety inspection is required.15.00 for cars, trucks, trailers, and buses.Shock absorbers, ball joints, springs, floor pans and fuel system lines are parts of the car's suspension that the inspector ensures are working safely.What we do: Inspect motor vehicles involved in fatal collisions.If you have questions regarding an inspection please contact the Safety Inspection office at (801) 965-4889.Approve new safety inspectors and safety inspection stations.Utah vehicle safety inspection procedures are uniform throughout the state.Engine, as part of the Utah vehicle safety inspection, the vehicle's engine is checked for its safety.Following the initial paperwork, the inspector then takes the vehicle for a test drive.Motorhomes with three axles are Class 6 vehicles.It contains a review of the Utah Highway Patrol Safety Inspection Manual and includes helpful pictures, movie clips, and notes.