vessel traffic service new york user manual

This area is home to the Ports of Port Arthur, Beaumont, and Orange, Texas.
The Coast Guard has installed a dependent surveillance system to improve its ability to track tankers transiting Prince William Sound and requires these vessels to carry position and identification reporting equipment.You may address questions concerning VTS.Marys Falls Canal and those navigable waters east of a line from.16'N.The primary function of VTS New York is to instill good order and predictability on the waters of the Ports of New York and New Jersey.Within 150 yards of Liberty and Ellis Islands Within 25 yards of all bridge piers or abutments, overhead power cables and tunnel ventilators Within 100 yards of all anchored or moored United States Coast Guard vessels Within a 100 yard radius of any passenger ship.Additionally, it is the home of four large oil refineries, two Liquefied Natural Gas terminals, twenty-five percent of the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserves, and the largest commercial military outload port in the.S.VTS New York, the control center at Sector New York is located at Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island,.The Vessel Traffic Center at Sector.This VTS has the responsibility of coordinating vessel traffic movements in the busy ports of New York and New Jersey.In the Hudson River; and continuing east including the waters of the East River to the Throgs Neck Bridge, excluding the Harlem River.Designated frequency monitoring is required within.S.Berwick Bay : berwick Traffic channel Designation : Ch 11 (156.550 MHz monitoring Area : The navigable waters south of 29 45'., west of 91 10'., north of 29 37'., and east of 91 18'.Return to Top Prince William Sound : " Valdez Traffic " Channel Designation : Ch 13 (156.650 MHz) Monitoring Area : The navigable waters south of 61 05'., east of 147 20'., north of., and west of 146 30'.; and.Prince Rupert mcts (Marine Communications and Traffic Services) manages the area west of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.Unclassified 4, vTS Area Of Responsibility (AOR boundaries Raritan River Railroad Bridge Lehigh Valley Drawbridge Holland Tunnel Ventilators Throgs Neck Bridge Ambrose Channel entrance Swash Channel entrance Sandy Hook Channel entrance The Area of Responsibility currently consists of the navigable waters of the United States.
During periods of low visibility it is customary to close the entire river. .
Vessel traffic services, click on one of the VTS areas on the map to find out more information about it, find a link to its homepage games hunting unlimited 2010 and a link to its user manual.

VTS Lower Mississippi River manages vessel traffic on one of the most hazardous waterway in the United States due to the complexity of the marine traffic and the powerful currents of the Mississippi River.
The area contains more than 70 miles of restricted waterways.
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