Warcraft 3 patch 1.17a

In the early stages the game was really unbalanced and buggy!
Fixed the invisibility transition time for levels 2 and 3 of Wind Walk.
Fixed manual replay speeds so they can once again be changed while the replay is paused.Goblin Alchemist, have been added to the game.Batrider hit points reduced keygen to 325 from 400.War3TFT Patch.18a Russain, bendix war3TFT Patch.18a English, war3ROC Patch.18a Russian.Fixed the armor upgrade values for Human, Orc, and Undead shops.Devour Magic driver now dispels the owl summoned by Sentinel, but does edition not give mana chomikuj to the Destroyer.(8)Crossroads - Fixed a grammatical error.Fixed problems with the Melee AI when it attempted to use certain instant spells.Additionally, Siphon Mana repackrar can push the Blood Mage's mana up to as much powerpack as twice its normal journey maximum value, though mana gained in this way drains off rapidly brothers scooter if not used.Fixed rally points such that friendly units will no longer cancel rally orders to Heroes that teleport, Blink, or Mirror Image.Channeling ultimates now cancel invulnerability.Fixed an edition issue hosts that could cause the Orb of Annihilation's splash damage to ignore armor.Breath of Fire initial damage reduced to 65/125/170 from 65/130/175.If an invulnerability keygen spell is used while channeling, channeling will end. (4)Twisted Meadows - Added some trees near the south Mercenary Camp to prevent mercenary purchase without engaging the creeps.