Wi 125 indicator series user s manual

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Connect an external microphone to the Video Server.
If you full like to change username and/or password of the device, just crack click the check button.
Press print/select to toggle back to count.Press menu to toggle between enabled or disabled.8 WI-125 Indicator Series User's tridef Manual Indicator powers up in gross or net mode.Press select to return to the operations copy mode menu.Wi125 Evaluation Kit User Manual - Connor.Programmable from 0 to 999999 divisions, address decimal entries are accepted.The A is for.M., P for.M.14.3.2 Chassis Installation and Rack Mounting (IVS-H125 only) To install the Video Server in a 10-inch hidden or 19-inch with standard rack, follow the instructions described below.From gross weighing mode, crack press menu repeatedly.The existed devices will games be listed as below.Weigh-Tronix service part numbers are divided into two parts: the prefix and the dash number.Please connect the video jack (yellow) with monitor properly before power on the Video Server.Risk of electrical shock. 16 crack Terminal Board Description WT Wire Color TB201 Excitation Green TB2-2 Sense Yellow TB2-3 Output White TB2-4 Shield (Gnd) White/Orange TB2-5 -Output Red TB2-6 -Sense copy Blue TB2-7 -Excitation Black WI-125 Indicator Series User's Manual Transmitting Data WI-125 Super Saver and Full Feature The WI-125 Full.
Press select when the dynamic test is active to return the unit to display.

Alarm I/O Connector Chapter.
You should be able to wi 125 indicator series user s manual see the images captured from the Internet Camera in the web page now.