X y positioning table manual

x y positioning table manual

Objectionable side play can be reduced by tightening the crack adjustable expansion gibs that control the fit of the carriage.
The movement accuracy straightness is.Effect the actual capability of any assembly.Maxy60 owner Series, three high profile table models with a garmin travel range moria of up to para 9" by 9" (22.9 cm.9 cm).AXY4006W1 - 2" x 2" travel, aXY4009W1 - 5" x 5" travel, aXY60 Series, three high profile models with a travel range of up to 9" by 9" (22.9 cm.9 cm).It can monitor one or two axis.Revolution Counter (Manual service Series Only) A mechanical revolution magneto counter provides a convenient 1/10 cleaner revolution increment count.These models feature an unobstructed work platform.Additional FAQs about product crack comparisons, product construction, purchasing and shipping can be found on the company FAQ page.MA or MB6000 Series 3 to 6 ft lbs.Mounting non-flat plate or blocks to the carriage to hold the load can also distort the assembly, causing kenmore carriage binding. Manual Positioning Slides, these slides provide smooth crack repeatable positioning, crack of instrumentation, tooling and equipment, via a ridged slide mounting arrangement.
Only a few drops are required to keep your slide running smoothly.
Applications moria Include: Optics adjustments, laser positioning, positioning label dispensing equipment.

There appears to be side play on a motorized UniSlide.
Manual XY Tables UniSlide XY Tables Travel Distance (W x L) Base Plate Measurement Maximum Envelope Series Inches cm Inches cm Inches cm AXY2506 2" X x y positioning table manual 2".08.08.75".75".15.5 13" x 13".02.02 AXY2509 3".