Yamaha cygnus x 125 manual

yamaha cygnus x 125 manual

Before fitting the hunger products, please be sure to check the patch luxuries contents of the kit.
Before stories installation, prepare right tools and server perform the work, strictly warrior following the installation procedure with great care.
Valve clearance:.04.07 mm both for intake and exhaust.
(The continued use of these damaged parts as they yamaha are could lead to an accident.) -1- Dec./08/ 06 Please be informed that, mainly because of improvement in performance, crack design changes, and cost increase, product specifications and prices are subject to change without prior notice.Without exception, all documents available on our website have been fully tested for the absence of malicious content and are completely safe for downloading and viewing.Count of Pages: warrior 80, yamaha cygnus.Degrease the upper surface of the cylinder, and fix two dowel pins and a kits cylinder head gasket.Should you have any questions about the products, please kindly contact your dealer.Cam Sprocket Installation Check manual that the I mark on the flywheel is still aligned with themark on the crank hoover case.X XC125 Owner's Manual, File Type: PDF.Be careful not to jam games a heat protector.X XC125 instructions by pressing just one button "Print manual where you can print full document or individual pages, you need.X XC125: We whirlpool care about our users: Safe download: You can always be sure that downloading your Yamaha cygnus.2R are engraved on the top and second rings respectively.Then double check each section for slack in screws and nuts.About Shakedown We have designed the clearance between piston and cylinder narrow.) When you notice something abnormal patch with your motorcycle while riding down a road, stop riding immediately and park your motorcyle in a safe place.As for the fuel, high-octane gasoline should always be used.Apply engine oil to the piston rings, and make sure than the rings turn smoothly.Loosely tighten four washers / nuts and two bolts to the stud bolts.Completely get rid of the gasket scraps remaining on the mating surface to the cylinder with a scraper or the like. Body Cover Remove a spark plug.

Degrease the mating surfaces of the crank case and the cylinder with thinner or the like, and fix dowel pins and cylinder gasket included in the kit.
Remove two dowel pins and a cam chain guide.
Tighten nuts to the specified torque in several speps in order of Turn up a one-way pawl on the cam chain tensioner, and press a tensioner rod into.